Green Seed Beads


These green seed beads were originally part of beautiful vintage African twisted bead necklace that I loved... gifted to me by a wonderful woman. Unfortunately it became so tangled and fragile it couldn't be worn. For years, literally 15 or so I have kept the beads knowing one day I'd use them - and that was before I studied jewellery. Anyway... long waffle story about tiny beads but it's nice to know the history of materials :) 

Thread bracelets are adjusted using the two slip knots... mildly tricky at first but once you understand how it works it's easy to move the knots. 

Nylon thread is incredibly durable and is fine with water however it's best to take off your bracelet if swimming in chlorinated water as the nylon will eventually fade and the metal will dull. Otherwise leave on 24/7 :) 

14k gold filled / African seed beads / nylon thread

adjustable - one size fits all :) 

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