Materials & Care

Our pieces are not made from brass or nickel, nor is it gold or silver plated like a lot of fashion jewellery... It's better.

Made from 925 sterling silver, 12k or 14k gold filled, Swarovski crystal and an array of semi precious stones, our jewellery wants to last a lifetime.. here's how you can help.

Keep your jewels in the box provided or in your own special place - as long as it's moisture free and away from direct light. Chains, especially superfine chain can tangle when not stored properly... this can cause intense frustration

Be mindful when you take off your jewellery. Crystal is fragile and can crack or chip if not cared for properly.

Perfume, make up, oils, moisturisers, sun screen, chlorinated water and harsh cleaning products contain chemicals that can react with metal making it dull, tarnish and eventually blacken.

It's a really good idea to take off your jewellery when swimming, cleaning, applying perfume/make up etc...

Sterling silver, like other precious metals, can oxidize with time. The best way to clean light tarnishing is with a silver polishing cloth. If your piece becomes heavily tarnished or has blackened you may need to use a silver polishing liquid.

If you have any questions on the condition of your piece feel free to contact us and we will happily direct you in the best way to clean and care for it.



Amy Tamblyn jewellery uses 925 sterling silver produced in Australia.

Gold filled is not gold plated, it's metal that has had layers of gold sheet pressure bonded to its surface. 12, 14 or 18k gold sheets are wrapped around the base metal (usually brass) creating a thick layer of gold on the surface. This coating is around 50 - 100 times thicker than in most gold plating. 

The higher gold content in gold filled means it does not wear off or tarnish as gold plating can. Gold filled by definition, must contain 1/20 of its weight in gold. Gold filled is durable and can have a much longer life than gold plated pieces.

Semi precious stones we use:
MagnesiteRose quartzAventurine OnyxRhodoniteTigers eye / Turquoise


If you can get your ring size measured by a jeweller you'll get the most accurate sizing. Alternatively we've made a ring sizer you can download and print

Also here's a ring  conversion chart in case your confused!

Custom sizing is our pleasure, send us an email with the style name and the size your after. 

Superfine chain bracelets should be worn on the snug side, too loose and they can catch. Measure your wrist with a tape measure or a piece of string and then add 1cm to get the right fit.

Thread bracelets are adjusted using the slip knots so generally one size fits all. If you'd like a particularly small or large thread bracelet send us an email and we will get straight on it!